Kate Tulloch-Hammond, Principal, CheekySkirt

The Biz: I have eight years’ communications experience; six of them working in-house at IAOP, running the Media & Communications show. I was originally hired as a freelancer to tell IAOP’s stories through its social media outlets, then as a freelance public relations coordinator, before being hired as Manager, Media & Communications. Today, I am the Director of Media & Communications.

In 2015, I overhauled IAOP’s strategic in-house communications programs from conception to implementation. I was also on the IAOP re-branding task force, which debuted September 2015.

In 2012, I was on the team that launched PULSE magazine; currently, I serve on the editorial board, write the “Hot Spot,” “Regional Site Tracker” and “Roving Reporter” stories as well as contribute to other areas of the magazine, including my role as editor of the PULSE Blog.

Prior to my work at IAOP, I began as a freelance writer/proofreader, handling newsletters for local businesses and proofing promotional campaigns, then worked as a freelance social media manager and public relations coordinator, authoring press releases for clients.

In 2014, I created the CheekySkirt blog as a way for me to share my writing and the crazy quirkiness of my life with those who wanted to read my stories. After a year, I realized it was time to turn my writing from sassy, self-deprecation, into a professional, brainier endeavor…so, the blog became the biz.

Specialties and Skills: Corporate and global communications, executive and internal communications, content marketing, media relations, public relations strategies, press releases, copy-writing, proofreading, editing, creative writing, journalistic pieces, SEO strategies, research pieces, blogging, social media development,  and growth. I am also the queen of online background checks.

The Soul: I love to write. Writing, for me, is better than that first Christmas morning as a child, when you finally understand who Santa Claus is and you wake up wide-eyed at 5 a.m., run to the tree in all its gift-glory and rip through 20 presents so fast you get hiccups. Then, after all the excitement of opening presents, you’re heartbroken that it’s over and start thinking about when you get to do it again. That’s it; writing—every time for me—is a Christmas present and every time I finish, I can’t wait to do it again.

I live to make people happy; more than anything I love to make them smile and laugh. But I can’t time a punchline to save my life—stand-up comedian was not an option on career day in elementary school. So, today I am a writer—the sassy scribe—I’m not sure that I make many people laugh, but I have a blast doing it; that has to mean something. Simply put, I am Kate, just Kate…coffee and wine enthusiast. I am a mom of two dogs and an avid Michigan State Spartan fan. I like the New York Yankees, too, when they’re winning. Don’t tell my New York family and friends, but I really like the Rays, too. Shhhhh.

When I was nine my brother asked me if I wanted a Coca-Cola; I said yes and he responded with, “Great. Get me one, too.” I did and we laughed about it; he knew, even if I was in the middle of 37 things, I would drop everything to get him that drink. I have always been a people-pleaser. Today, if I do it right, I do it through my writing.


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